Lease Mileage Calculator Track your mileage before it's too late

If you've ever leased a car, you know that the mileage component can be expensive; going over may only cost a few cents each mile but those few cents can add up quickly. That's what this tool is for. Knowing when your lease starts and ends, the alloted mileage and your current mileage and instantly see where you are within the use of your mileage. You can even save this information so you can come back to it and easily update your current mileage to help keep from going over.
The Start Date, End Date and allowed mileage should be on your lease agreement. The Lease Description is optional but, if you want to save the data and have more than one lease, it makes it easier to know which lease you're dealing with. Please do not put personally identifying information in the description. Once you have filled in the required information, the page will calculate where you are in your mileage allotment.

Save this data: You can save your data to our database but please note: the only way you will get to be able to retrieve your data is the hash that will appear in the box above or by using the link that will appear below. If you lose the hash, you'll just need to re-enter your information.
Total Days in Lease Days Elapsed in Lease Days Remaining in Lease
Avg. Mileage Allowed/Day Avg. Mileage Remaining/Day Days to Reach Parity Miles Left in Lease